Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ki Isu

Ki Isu | International Food Court | 530 Hornby St.

Ki Isu is a Japanese joint in the International Food Court. It is truly awful. I ordered "Lunch B" which is shrimp tempura with chicken, rice and salad. The problem is they put a layer of rice on the bottom of your bowl, and then some plain lettuce, followed by the tempura and mayo slathered chicken. It doesn't make sense.

The rice tastes like they threw some dirty socks in with the water. The shrimp tempura I will admit was tasty but the rest of the dish was a complete disaster. If you find yourself at Intl. Food Court avoid this place at all costs and go to India Abroad or the sandwich joint across from Ki Isu.


Steamworks | 375 Water St.

Steamworks is a decent spot if you've got a large group and need some nosh at peak hours. The place is quite huge and you can always get a table here. I tend to stick with the burgers which are quite good. The California Chicken Burger is a favourite of mine here. They also have excellent fries. As for the beer, it is pretty average. They do however, have an excellent fresh hop IPA available at the moment.