Thursday, May 28, 2015

Five Guys

Five Guys | 635 Robson St.

I hit up Five Guys on the weekend as my oldest daughter happens to have piano class right down the street. What a gem this place is. It reminds me somewhat of In-N-Out in California which I also highly recommend. The burgers at Five Guys are old school with nothing fancy going on. You order how many patties you want and what toppings.

The photo below is a "small" with one patty only. I did not order cheese as I believe they are using that mechanically pressed stuff that resembles plastic more than cheese.

Anyway, they have great fries too. And you can also eat peanuts here (on the house) and toss the shells on the floor. Great fun if you have kids!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Fez Cafe Bistro

Fez Cafe Bistro | 1331 Robson St.

Sorry for the long lay off everyone! I've been getting over a foot injury that has seriously hampered my Lunch Warrioring!

Today I went to Fez Cafe Bistro. I've walked past this place a few times as it is only a couple doors down from Miko. The room itself is decorated beautifully.

I had the Chicken Basquaise which reminded me of a chicken cacciatore. It was quite good and the chicken was very tender. The chicken came with a flavourful tomato based sauce and stewed vegetables on top. The side potatoes were well seasoned and benefited from some delicious house made hot sauce. The dish was $15 and quite a large portion. I couldn't finish everything.

All in all, a cool spot to check out!

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